Dunsfold Trail

Church Rd, Dunsfold, Godalming GU8 4LT

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There's a lay-by just before you get to the church with around 4 or 5 spaces


Bit hilly here but nothing too steep. Couple of kissing gates, no stiles.


The second half of the route follows the river, mostly the banks are too high to access but there are a couple of shallower bits where dogs can find a way in.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Just down the road is Dunsfold Airstrip which is the Top Gear test track

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About My Walk

If you walk past the church and down the hill, you pass the Holy Well on your right and head through the first field. As you cross the river you come out onto a private road, turn immediately right and over the bridge and follow the road up the hill to your right. There's a 5 or 10 minute road walk (very quiet private road) which takes you past some residential properties and as you get to the last house the path veers off to the right and down the hill just before you get on their driveway. From here it's quite a wild overgrown woodland with a narrow path that every now and again butts up to the river.

I hadn't been here before so was hoping to find somewhere to cross the river as there is also a path on the other side, however I couldn't find one so just came back the way I came once I'd gone as far as I wanted (I went about 2.3km before turning back). It is possible to create a loop here to do this but would probably be about four times as long a walk, and would involve a bit of road walking along a busier road which I'm not keen on at all.

The wild terrain along the river made for a fun walk and Hank enjoyed most of the time off the lead once wee'd got past the houses. Through the first field there are signs warning of livestock but were none about today, and only saw another couple of walkers along the whole route.

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