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Barlavington, Petworth

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Date Added:

August 1, 2020


I parked in the lay-by on Folly Lane - muddy and bumpy and space for a couple of cars. You can also park off the road in Willet Close in Duncton and do the same loop just from a different starting point.


Mix of field paths, bridleways, gravel paths and tarmac roads (is a section along main road - on pavement). Slightly hilly in parts but generally not too taxing, only steeper bit is right at the end once you pass Duncton Mill Pond and head left back up the bridleway. No stiles.


Really pretty pond, you can walk up one edge of it to a large tree and there's a shallower entrance to the water.

Poo Bins

Is a poo bin at the entrance to Willet Close, which is just across the road as you exit Burton Park

Local Info

At the section of the walk where you cross the main road, The Cricketers pub is just down the road so nice for a quick stop.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

August 1, 2020
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Author Review

If you park in the lay-by where I did, then cross the road and past the metal gate follow the path to the left. At the first junction take the path to your right and head down the hill, and through the next gate and straight over the field. There's great views from this first section - there weren't any animals grazing or farm vehciles today but just be aware that there may be when you visit.

The pond is past the field and it's an incredibly picturesque spot, you can take the path on your left alongside the lake to a little shallow entrance if your dog fancies a dip. Past the pond you enter the grounds of Burton Park, which as you go up the hill opens up into a lovely setting with views across the fields and grounds, horses, trees, churches and the main house. If you follow the road past Burton House, then there's a small path signposted on your left taking you back to the main entrance road.

The next half of the walk is mostly tarmacced roads, which is still quite nice but if you don't fancy that then you might want to just head back the way you came. But if you carry on the entrance road takes you on to the main road (A285) - cross over**, and follow the pavement until you see Dye House Lane on your left, and cross over again heading down there. This leads you past some impressive houses, and then past Duncton Mill which is a collection of pretty cottages and barns, and a lovely little mill pond. Head up the hill, and shortly after there's a pathway signed to your left - take this and it leads you right back to your car.

The first half of the walk was very quiet and open and Hank was off the lead, with all the roads in the second half he was back on the lead for most of it.

**If you don't fancy parking in the lay-by and park instead at Willet Close, this is where you'll start the walk.

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