Droke Forest

East Dean, Chichester PO18 0JJ

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Forestry Commission car park, space for a dozen or so cars


Nice and open and no stiles or gates. Paths are mainly woodland mud, stone, and chalk paths which weren't too boggy despite being quite wet recently. Is a large hill to go up and down, bit steep in parts.


No water here

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About My Walk

From the car park we took the path left which runs adjacent to the road for a while before heading right after a while deeper into the forest. After a while you come to a crossroads, we went right up the steep hill, between the power cable posts (is an established woodland path, isn't signposted as a public footpath though).

Keep going straight and as you come down the hill the other side, when you come to the bridleway just head right and this leads you right back to the cart park.

We went on a quiet Sunday morning and it was beautifully peaceful and Hank was able to be off the lead for most the way. On the latter parts there were a few more walkers that we passed but still not busy.

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