Folders Ln E, Ditchling Common, Hassocks BN6 8SQ

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Date Added:

October 10, 2020


2m height barrier at the free car park off Folders Lane E.


Generally very flat area with only slight slopes. Around the lake it's mainly gravel pathways, and then grassy pathways round the common.


Has a lake with several shallow spots great for dogs.

Poo Bins

Several poo bins around the car park, and at various spots around the lake too.

Local Info

Small picnic area off to the right of the car park.

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Date Walk Added:

October 10, 2020
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Author Review

It's actually a deceptively small area here, it's not a place to come for a long explorative walk but it is a great dog-friendly park that's really good for socialising / training as well as still having lots of open areas. It's also a very child friendly place so whilst you won't have a long distance walk, you can spend more time exploring and playing and a good place for a family day out or picnic too.

There are some woodland areas, and a little picnic area too but the park really consists of two parts - the lake and the common. As you come out of the car park the pretty lake is not far away and most paths lead to a part of it. It is used by anglers, but there are also several shallower areas away from them so still spots for dogs to splash around.

On the far side of the lake you enter the common area, which is a large open area with some criss crossing pathways and at the top there's some really nice views too. It's popular with other dog walkers, and there's lots of people around. Hank is still chasing other dogs so was on the lead the whole way, but as far as I can tell it is all fenced off so if you have a well behaved dog then there are lots of open spaces for off-lead time.

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