Ditchling Beacon

Stanmer, Brighton BN1 9QD

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£3 all day parking fee, free for National Trust members


Quite hilly, but if you follow my route it's not too steep. If you want to venture some of the other routes though there are some very big, steep hills in this area. No stiles, paths are mainly flat and wide grassy or chalk paths.


We passed two ponds perfect for a splash, we went in very wet weather though so not sure if they're full all year round

Poo Bins

Poo bin in the car park

Local Features

At 248 metres above sea level this is the highest point in East Sussex.

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About My Walk

Right from the car park you walk out on to incredible views, even on an awful rainy day like it was when we visited! There are several routes, we just followed the main South Downs link, heading left from the car park and carried on until we got to Burnt House Pond and came back again.

It can be busy with walkers, and bikes too and like most of the South Downs many of the fields you walk through are used for grazing but we got lucky today and there were no livestock around.

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