Devil's Dyke

Devil's Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 8YJ

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Pay and display car park - see pictures for current prices. Driving up to the car park there are lots of other spots and lay-bys where people were parked so are other routes if you want to park for free.


It's mainly grassy, chalky paths which weren't boggy today even after lots of rain. My walk was pretty hilly but not too bad - for the more adventurous there are some very steep and windy paths on alternate routes. Several kissing gates but no stiles.


No water on my route. I have seen pictures when researching this of a lake though but yet to discover on this walk.

Poo Bins

Several general bins around the car park.

Local Features

There is an inn at the car park, and some viewing binoculars too. The area can be busy and also used for hang-gliding.

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About My Walk

On a really foggy day today, it was quite spectacular walking through the clouds. At the start of my walk it was so dense I didn't really have a clue where I was going but it cleared up in spots not long after. The undulating hills and views over nearby villages, towns, and towards the sea were fantastic. I know it can be busy in better weather at times, but today was nice and calm with only a handful of other walkers and cyclists around.

I headed out along the path to the left opposite the Inn, past the old fort and then past the first kissing gate took a left diagonally through the huge field, which eventually comes to a signed right tun which takes you on a very easy loop back to the start.

There are huge open spaces but are also cattle so for me Hank was on the lead the whole way.

PS. If you follow my route please note I started and finished at the green dot - just forgot to stop my GPS route until I'd driven off!

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