Deepdene Trail

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At the very start of the trail right off the A24 there is a lay-by with space for around 3 cars. This is so close to the busy road though, and there's not much room to turn so if it's occupied at all my advice is to avoid it. All the guides say there is no parking at all so I was surprised to even find this but it's not ideal - I had a good check for any No-Parking signs and couldn't see any but check as things may change. If you can't get in there, then it will be a good walk to the start as you'll need to park in town car parks, nearest one being Dorking Halls, RH4 1SD.


Hilly walk, with lots of slopes and steps including long steep stone staircase up to the Terrace.


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Local Features

Lots of historical interest here - check out link in Main walk description for website

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About My Walk

There are lots of info boards around here, and at the start there's one with an orange route for the garden, and a purple one to include the mausoleum and it's pretty easy to get around.

We took the orange one to start with which includes the kept lawns, and the Embattled Tower (closed for actual access at the moment) and the Coady the Lion statue. Then at the top of this section took the steep staircase up which leads you to the Terrace which is nice and open and has some great view points and a few benches to rest after the big climb if you need to!

We then followed the path which takes you past the golf course, and around a little loop taking in the mausoleum. This last section was a nice way to extend the walk and take in some nice scenery over the golf course, but if I'm brutally honest didn't do much for me but if you want to take the time to research and take interest in the historical aspects of it then you'll probably appreciate it more than me!

This last section too goes through the golf course so on the lead - and also goes very close to the busy, fast main road without any fencing at all so do be careful there. Even the pretty woodland trails up to and around gardens are still close to the road and not securely enclosed so unless incredible recall, on lead walk here.

There is a website with lots more info if you want to find out a bit more:

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