Dairy House Nature Reserve

Capel, Dorking RH5 5EN

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Off road parking within the village centre, I managed to park by the little green where the path starts


We went in early Spring when many walks had mostly dried out, but paths here were still quite boggy in parts so probably quite bad in wetter weather. Several kissing gates, and on the latter part on the walk were a couple of stiles. We managed to get by the gaps under the barbed wire fence next to them but bigger dogs won't. These stiles however can be avoided by avoiding going into the woods on the way back.


Not really a feature here, but is a small stream crossing for a quick splash and play.

Poo Bins

Poo bin by the green along the main road at the start

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Almost opposite Laundry way there's a small village green, and the starting path runs alongside this next to the houses that one the green. We followed the path up the hill until we got to a crossroads, and we took the narrow route on the right. After a while the narrow path comes out into a nice open area and the path continues up the hill through the low hedge rows. There's some nice views across the nature reserve here, and we continued to the top of the hill following the path round to the left.

This takes you into a little woodlands which will be fulll of bluebells soon, and we crossed the bridge over the stream and the path comes out onto some fields. Heading right here, as you get to the farm buildings the footpath takes a sharp left just before them. The field paths continue for a while and at the next junction take the left alongside the field up the hill. At the top of this hill there is a signposted path on your right, if you want to avoid stiles ignore this and just carry straight on and you'll find your way back to the start.

We went right, and explored a little woodlands route to make the walk a bit longer - difficult to direct here though as paths very unclear and we basically just took left turns where possible to create an additional loop which brought us back to the start.

It was a nice quiet walk, and all fields were crops and no livestock on our route so lots of nice open spaces. Despite the name I don't think we really actually went in the nature reserve, kind of just went around it!

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