Cowfold Fields

Cowfold, Horsham RH13 8BL

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Parking in the recreation ground car park off Fairfield Cottages


Pretty flat throughout. Pathways are very boggy and uneven in parts and a few stepped sections and some narrow overgown parts too. Several stiles which are very annoying here, Hank just got through all but one - just past Littlebrook Cottage. If you have a dog you can't lift, don't bother with this walk.


There are a couple of points where you cross a little stream. Not particularly a feature here though, as if you want to get access to the water although the banks are low it's not easy as you have to go through undergrowth to get to it.

Poo Bins

Several poo bins around the car park, and also round the playing fields at the start of the walk.

Local Features

Play area and recycling bins by the car park

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About My Walk

I hate stiles, and there are a few here so if you can't lift your dog over them then give this walk a miss.

If you're ok with that, then it is a very nice walk taking you through fields and woodlands with lots of open spaces to run free and it's very quiet and peaceful with not many other people around at all.

There are a couple of fields where the paths aren't particularly well sign posted, so I would recommend following my route map and making sure you take a GPS app too.

We started at the rec centre, and if you walk to the far corner of the playing fields the path heads through some houses. The first section is along some guided pathways beside the fields eventually opening out to some wider spaces to roam. You'll soon come to the first stile, and the path goes through a grazing field, this field is basically the beginning and end of the small looped section. We went straight through this field, and then past the next little bridge took the smaller path immediately on the left. The path leads you through some overgrowth, and into a field and then into a pretty little patch of woodland. Once in the woodland, it's not long until you come to a signed T junction - take the sharp left down the hill and this takes you through the woods and into another grazing field. The gate out of this field is in the far left corner, and then head left down the private road until the pain in the bum stile through the hedges on your right. Once over this stile head left, and this is the field where the loop ends so if you go past the house and turn right then you're heading back on the original way you came in.

It's a mix of lead/on lead as several fields have cows/bulls in and some are cropped but Hank was well worn out by the end having had plenty of time to run around!

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