Coolham D-Day Airfield

Coolham Road, Horsham, RH13 8GN

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At the very start of the walk off Coolham Road there is a sort of lay-by, this is quite tight though and only space for a couple of cars - also if you do park here be careful coming back out as poor visibility at the junction. You can also park at the Selsey Arms pub about 200m up the road, but this would mean walking on the road to the start of the walk as no pavements or verges to walk on.


Very flat walk on grassy field and muddy farm track paths - some sections are quite uneven underfoot.


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Local Features

The lovely Selsey Arms pub is right next door, and also the comparative memorial and replica airplane are next to the pub.

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About My Walk

A poignant walk here as you head around the perimeter of the old airfield and past the comparative trees - each one planted to honour one of the 15 airmen who served at the base who lost their lives during the D-Day campaign. There are plaques and information posts dotted around the walk, and it's fascinating to imagine how it would have looked all those years ago and the history the site holds.

It's a very easy walk, and the paths are clearly signposted with a route map half way round also. It's a quiet area too, mainly along hedge lined paths but with a couple of parts that open out on to the large fields for some open free running time. Hank was off the lead for the most part, but going back on occasionally as there are grazing animals next to some parts of the path - securely fenced off here but just being cautious that he doesn't wind them up!

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