Colgate Loop

Blackhouse Rd, Colgate, Horsham RH13 6HS

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Is on road parking along Blackhouse Road. Start of walk is right opposite the primary school, so avoid pick up times during school terms!


Little bit treacherous here, with a lot of paths not-well trodden so narrow and overgrown. A few steep and slippery bits, and several stiles. Most stiles have a gap for dogs slightly bigger than Hank and he had no trouble, but one had barbed wire so take care going under. There is one low stile you can't get under or around (see pic of Hank's bum!) so will need to go over, but maybe only a couple of feet high.


On the back leg of the walk you cross a little stream where there's a nice little meander. Very shallow and a bit mucky!

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Dragon pub on the corner is a lovely place for a meal!

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About My Walk

We didn't go here with any previous knowledge of the area or expectations so it was a nice surprise, it's a lovely quiet area and the walk encompasses some pretty woodlands, wild meadows, a stream, all joined by a couple of minor road sections.

Go through the wooden gat opposite the school, and head straight on until you get to the road - follow the road straight on for 5 minutes or so until you see the path signoposted through the field heading diagonally left.

This takes you past the vineyards and down the hill through some woodland, over the stream head left at the top of the hill, and then shortly after you join another minor road and head left.

Walk along the road again for a few minutes and the path is signposted off to your left, follow this route and it takes you again through some woods, the nice little stream section and up a fairly steep hill eventually re-joining the path you came in on, so head right there and you'll soon be back at the car.

It is very quiet and we didn't see anyone, it's fairly open in some parts but as there are roads and for much of it you can't see too far ahead so we kept Hank on the lead most the way.

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