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Slaugham, Haywards Heath RH17 6AQ

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Several spaces at St. Marys Church, if this is full there is off road parking in the village and several lay-bys a little further down the road.


Some slopes but only very gentle and nothing too steep. Some path sections are very narrow and uneven and closed in tightly by the greenery. To walk beyond the lake there are a couple of stiles which are quite low - Hank just scraped under but any bigger dogs won't get through.


Walk takes you alongside a lake, towards the far end of this section there are some low banks where dogs can access the calm water.

Poo Bins

No poo bins here.

Local Features

Heritage bar and restaurant is right opposite the church.

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About My Walk

As you park in the church, follow the path through the church grounds entrance and through the graveyard. This first section is quite narrow and before you get to the lake you do have to walk over a small section of private road, it's not busy but used by cars nonetheless.

The path then takes you adjacent to the pretty Slaugham Mill Pond, the banks are quite high to start with but further on it flattens out and Hank was able to splash about for a bit. Past the lake and over the stiles and there are some open fields perfect for some off-lead running. After the second field you are signposted between two old barn buildings and through them the path goes off to the left, adjacent to fenced off fields for a while before opening out again. I let Hank have a run around before turning back and coming back along the same route. Looking at the public footpath Map you can go further, but any loop would mean walking along roads for a while and I don't find that fun so was happy to retrace my steps.

On the return past the lake, the woodland before the graveyard has a small network of paths so I followed these for a while and it's a pretty little woodland with meadows and a picnic area just before you come back in to the Church grounds.

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