Chilworth Gunpowder Mills

Mill Ln, Chilworth, Guildford GU4 8RW

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Small free car park with space for 7 or 8 cars. Is about a 15 minute walk until you actually get to mills.


Very flat walk, lots of muddy paths. First section is very narrow and has a few stiles - all had easy gaps to get through/under until the very last one. Hank did manage to get under this but bigger dogs won't.


Lots of great shallow streams perfect for splashing

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Closed in the 1920's, this was an operational gunpowder mill for over 300 years.

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About My Walk

The car park is next to a very pretty mill pond where a swan came to say hello, and the path is a narrow footpath just oppostie this - is signposted. This first section past houses and fields is very narrow, and beware also there was a section of electric fence perilously close to the path for 100m or so.

This path eventually opens out into some fields where there were horses grazing, and through that and after the last stile you get to the actual Mills.

It's not a huge area but check the info board at the entrance and you'll see the Mao with simple routes which we just followed before coming back the same way to the car.

It's an unusual but really lovely walk, the ruins are beautifully overgrown with foliage and all along the way there's lots to see. You can explore the old buildings too, and lots of different streams and points of interest.

We only saw a couple of other people here, but reckon in school holidays and summer it may be quite a bit busier as great for a family walk.

Check out the reels on our Instagram page too for a little video showing more.

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