Chesworth Farm

Chesworth Ln, Horsham RH13 0AA

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Small Free car park as you turn into Chesworth Lane off Queensway, residential parking around the area but check parking signs for restrictions. Nearest paid parking is probably Denne Road.


Pretty flat throughout, most pathways are well maintained gravel surfaced with some open field sections too. Plenty of gates but no stiles or obstacles.


If you take the smaller path on your right as you exit the car park this takes you to a small stream which is shallow (June 2020), there's a bank a couple feet above water level and great for adventurous splashing dogs! Further along the river walk there is also a bridge where the water is a bit deeper, and there's a waterfall seating area that is a great spot to stop.

Poo Bins

Several poo bins here, some at the car park entrance and others dotted round mainly by the Riverside Walk section of the route.

Local Features

Is a wetlands area with grazing animals, and viewing hide. Very close to Horsham town centre.

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About My Walk

This beautiful patch of countryside is easy to get to, it's close to Horsham town centre but away from the busy roads. Being accessible does mean it can be quite busy with families, joggers, and cyclists too but I did go on a sunny (ish) Sunday in June so I'm sure there were more people around than normal.

You can join the Horsham riverwalk section, and the entrance map and green arrows dotted around on posts make getting around very easy. It's a mix of pathways and open fields so lots of opportunities for off-lead as well as lead walking. There are plenty of benches dotted around too, and even a fresh water drinking fountain for dogs which is a nice touch. Along the river adjacent to the wetlands there is a picturesque little waterfall, and apologies for no picture but there were lots of people sitting on the benches next to it and didn't want to disturb them!

A note as well, whilst they weren't there when I visited the fields are used for grazing at times.

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