Chelwood Vachery

Danehill RH18 5JN

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Long car park is just off the A22, lots of spaces. Was a drinks van too when we got there, but annoyingly had gone by the time we got back!


Quite hilly here, nothing too steep but lots of ups and downs. Mostly flat paths, mix of woodland trails and sandy heath routes. No stiles, no gates. Couple of stepped sections and stepping stones to get over one stream.


Lots of water, ponds, streams, waterfalls.

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

The water gardens are man-made, and along with the bridge were built in the early 1900's and were originally part of the Vachery estate, which is believed to have once been royal lands.

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About My Walk

Heading away from the car follow the path which runs parallel with the main road, keeping the road on your left. Shortly after there's a right fork, take this and follow the path round to the left. This takes you down a hill, and at the bottom go left up the long slope through the heath.

At the top you cross over one private road, then just after that follow the second one going right. Just before you get to some buildings the path goes left adjacent to their land so follow that down the hill, and at the bottom follow round to your right and it opens up on some woodlands and this is where lots of the water and features are. They're not immediately on the path so you need to explore just a little way, but to the left there are ponds and streams with sluices, and on your right is the beautiful rock garden and waterfall.

Eventually you get to the folly bridge, go under this and cross the stream and up the hill. At the top go right when there's a fork and follow this path down the hill again until you come to a couple of ponds. Walk around these two ponds, and up the hill on the far side and you join a wide sandy track which takes you through the heathland and back to the car park.

It's a beautiful area with so much to see and really is a fantastic walk. We did come across a couple of groups of horse riders in the heathland but they are not allowed in the woods section, and there are signs that say animals grazing but we didn't see any at all or any sign of them. Was surprisingly quiet, we passed a few other walkers but for a sunny bank holiday weekend was pretty quiet with lots of space.

I followed the route that I found here, which I found helpful.

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