Chapel Copse, Walliswood

Horsham Rd, Walliswood, Dorking RH5 5RD

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Large car park by the village hall, just over the road from the Scarlett Arms pub.


Mostly flat, with a few easy slopes. Is one stepped section, and paths are woodland trails so can be muddy. One stile, but Hank had no problem getting under a large gap by the side.


There is a shallow section of stream great for splashing, but wasn't that much water when I went so not sure how much there'd be in hotter weather.

Poo Bins

No bins

Local Features

The Scarlett Arms is right by the parking, and just down the road is The Hannah Peschar Scuplture Garden.

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About My Walk

As you look at the pub from the car park, the narrow path starts just to the right of it - signposted between a couple of houses. Keep following the path through the woods going straight over the first cross junction. The path is fenced for a while but soon after opens out so a bit more freedom to run. As you come to the little bridge over the stream, the route takes a sharp left over the next bridge. I carried on for a little bit here though to let Hank play on the bridges and stream banks, when we went the banks were covered in wild garlic and it really was beautiful. If you carry on a little further too there's a pretty church.

Back en-route as you go up the hill, just watch out as suddenly the woods ends and there's a field with loads of Alpaca's in it - today Hank found this first!! Luckily they were well fenced in so no danger and I got him back on his lead quickly but not after I had to chase him for a little bit!! Past this field you go past some houses and onto the road opposite Gatton Manor. Go left, and maybe a couple of hundred yards on and the path is through the hedge on your left. It is a quiet country road but are a couple of sharp corners so just take care.

This path then leads you back to the crossroads you passed previously, so go right and you're back at the car. This last section is through woodlands and is very pretty, but for much of the way is fenced off adjacent to private land and you cross a couple of driveways so not quite so much freedom to roam.

It's a very nice walk, and very much away from baying crowds so a lovely spot for a bit of an escape and some peace.

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