Chantry Hill

Chantry Lane, Storrington

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Medium sized car park at the end of long and bumpy narrow road. Beware Sat Nav's may send you round the houses so check route before heading off.


Paths are mix of chalk, gravel paths and grassy field routes. Small section of country road. Some routes won't be too hilly, but my route today was incredibly hilly - nothing crazy steep but big hills that go up for a long time! Lots of gates, no stiles.


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Local Features

Lots of local downs walks round here - Kithurst Hill just up the road and you can walk to that one too from here.

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About My Walk

This is another South Downs route conveniently starting from the top so it's not necessary to climb too far just to start the walk and you get great views for the whole walk.

As you head off from the car park there are lots of routes, and you can see for miles so quite easy to get a good bearing of the kind of walk you want so not essential to have as long a walk as I had today, and equally plenty of options for longer ones if that's what you want.

For my route today I headed straight on from the car park using the right fork through the gate. This basically takes you round Harrow Hill which is the large hill right in from of you in the distance. The route is (should be!) pretty straight forward, as you just follow the paths and take a left where possible to go round the hill and back to the car park, however lots of paths, especially field routes are very difficult to actually see where they're going and I found the signposts not particularly helpful. Watch out round the back of the hill as it opens up on the rape seed fields, I went left here and got a bit lost and had to backtrack a bit - think at this point I should have just carried on going straight which would have been a simpler, more direct route.

There are lots of grazing sheep in some of fields you cross, but they are all well gated so once you're into the cropped fields it's nice and open and Hank was probably off the lead for half the walk although also there were thousands of pheasants around too which caught his eye! Is used by horses and cyclists too.

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