Chailey Common

Chailey, Lewes BN8 4DY

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We parked in a common car park off North Common Road, 2m height barrier and bumpy. There is another car park on the opposite side of the road a bit further towards Chailey.


Mainly flat with only slight hills. Pathways are muddy though and very boggy in some spots in wet weather.


Some small streams, were quite shallow even in wet season though so not sure if they'll be around in summer.

Poo Bins

General waste bin in car car park

Local Features

A Site of Special Scientific Interest so great for nature and wildlife lovers.

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About My Walk

This is a very pretty area with some great open spaces, there are several roads bordering it though and also a quiet road crossing through it too so we kept Hank on the lead the whole way round as were not familiar with the area, so were a little wary of the close proximity of the road. We didn't see any horses but they clearly use the area too, as duo grazing cattle so watch out for them.

It's a nice short walk though and easy terrain, and there are other sections on the other side of the road if you want to extend your walk, I may go back another time to explore a bit further as well.

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