Buchan Country Park

Horsham Rd, Crawley RH11 9HQ

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Large private car park with narrow entrance off the Horsham Road. Car park open 8am to 6pm, locked outside these hours, currently free. *Correct at time of writing post-lockdown, see About section for link to website for up to date parking details.


There are a few woodland paths but optional and unnecessary to complete the walk, the surfaced paths throughout are well maintained and around the lakes is very level, if you walk the perimeter it is quite hilly in parts.


Two scenic ponds/lakes here. The main one is used for angling and dogs are not permitted. The second smaller one has a designated Dog-Dip area perfect for dogs to swim and cool down.

Poo Bins

Lots of poo bins here all around the main pathways

Local Features

Lots of adjoining paths to other local areas including Colgate, Ifield, Broadfield. Is a countryside centre with WC's but currently closed, check website for up to date info.

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About My Walk

A popular spot on the outskirts of Crawley, and it's easy to see why with it's pleasant woodland paths, scenic lakes and plenty of benches and open areas for picnics and gatherings - it's a great place to bring your dog with the family or to meet with some friends.

It's easy to get to as well although can only be reached from the westerly direction of Horsham road, but there's a roundabout every 5 metres here so not a chore whichever way you're coming from.

There are some woodland paths so you can go off the track a little here if you want, but if you really want to explore I'd head someone else that's not really the point here. There are lots of families and dogs and I like to mix it up for Hank, so whilst he was on the lead the whole way it's a great opportunity to work on his social skills and mental stimulation too. The dog dip area is a great feature too which you don't find too often and lovely to see dogs splashing in and out of the water having a great time!

For up to date information see Buchan Park website here.

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