Bramber Castle

Castle Ln, Bramber BN44 3WE

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Private car park which is free for English Heritage members. £2.00 easily paid by text for everyone else.


Lots of steep, stepped, slippery when wet paths here.


No water here

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Local Features

Built shortly after the Norman conquest, check signs in photos for more details of this interesting location which dates back to 11th century.

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About My Walk

Having not been here before I wasn't expecting too much as the only pictures I'd seen were just of the larger remains of the gatehouse tower and thought that would be it, but there's much more. Yes, there's not that much left but as you walk up to the gatehouse from the car park, there's a really nice open lawned area around the central motte, with further remains of the curtain wall around the perimeter as well as the tower remains to your right where there's great views from.

We explored this area for a bit, and then as you go back to the car park you can walk down to the other pathway that goes all the way round the perimeter which I guess is the old moat.

Not a long walk but a really interesting one - I went on a grey December day and was deserted, but reckon on a sunny day this will be busier and would be a great spot for a picnic and to take the family. If you want a longer walk then if you go through the village there are some more pathways up and along the River Adur.

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