Bolney Nursery

Cowfold Rd, Bolney, Haywards Heath RH17 5QR

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Large lay-by opposite Bolney Nursery on Cowfold road.


Generally very flat walk with gravel paths, muddy paths and field paths. Several kissing gates, and two stiles right at the very end of the walk.


There are two very picturesque ponds here that you walk past, but clearly signed as private fishing lakes and no dogs allowed in the water.

Poo Bins

General waste bin in the lay-by

Local Features

The garden centre is right over the other side of the road, and The Bolney Stage pub just up the road in Bolney village is a nice spot for a drink or meal.

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The layby is on a very busy road, so be careful walking along the road to the start of the walk and at the end. There is a narrow verge so you're not on the road, but tight on the lead for a little bit.

If you walk back towards the A23 direction from the lay-by the path start shortly on your right and you head through the first field. The route is pretty easy and basically whenever there's an option just go right! The first path leads you past the first fishing lake, and following the right turn after this then after a brief section of woodlands you go alongside the next lake. Go right at the end of this lake and along the other side, and through the kissing gates you cross an open field. On the other side of this field take right again, and the path basically follows the telegraph poles all the way back to the road, so.head right when you get there and you're back at the car.

It's a shame dogs can't go in the water, but it's still a nice calm walk and other than a couple of fishermen we didn't see another soul. Whilst the fields are clearly used for grazing there was no sign of any animals today so past the lakes Hank was off the lead with lots of space to run for most of the way. The only two stiles are right at the end either side of the very last field with the car in view, and they are a pig! I just managed to get Hank over them both but wouldn't recommend this route for large dogs.

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