Blunts Wood and Paiges Meadow

Blunts Wood Crescent, Haywards Heath

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Car park with spaces for a dozen or so cars, and residential off road parking available nearby if full


Woodland sections are quite hilly, but some stepped sections and muddy uneven paths, lots of fallen trees to hop over. No stiles.


Several sections of streams here with lots of spots for a swim, we did come across a couple of ponds too but fairly low and mucky but may be more suitable in wetter season.

Poo Bins

Several poo bins in the car park.

Local Features

Can also walk to or from Cuckfield via Hatchgate Lane almost opposite The Wheatsheaf pub.

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About My Walk

At the car park we went right, which takes you through the Paiges Wood section which is a charming little woodland with lots of pathways. When we got to the stream we crossed over and followed the path along it to the left. To you right here the paths go further into some other woodlands and meadows but we carried on and eventually crossed the river again, heading through the woods again and coming out over the bridleway into the Blunts Wood section. This part is mainly large open meadows, separated but small patches of woodland.

There's lots of open spaces for off lead running, and quite popular too so a good place for socialising your dog. It's quite a short walk, but plenty of spaces to stop and throw a ball if you want to exercise your dog some more

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