Blackcurrant Fields

Billingshurst, RH14 9TJ

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There is a signposted footpath to the fields off Broomfield Drive, between the Maple Road and Birch Drive junctions. Plenty of off-road parking on residential roads around this area.


There's un-maintained natural paths all around the fields so can be very muddy in wet weather, and whilst there is a gradient on some sections it's by no means hilly so fairly flat and easy-going.


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Local Features

The fields were apparently the original Ribena fruit fields. Honestly, I think that's interesting!

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No blackcurrants here, but apparently they were the original fields for the Ribena fruits. How very interesting.

It's a really nice place to bring your dog, it's rare to see more than two or three other walkers or pedestrians so nice and quiet, and good oppotunities for letting your dog off the lead with large open spaces for them to stretch their legs. It's home to lots of British wildlife and deer are often leaping in and out of the hedges.

There's an entrance from Coneyhurst Road which is where I started from (no parking at the entrance) crossing a narrow footbridge into the fields, but you can access either through Broomfield drive, or from the bottom of Brookers Road. There is a path in the lowest South East corner too but beware this crosses directly over the train track - there is a stile which is far too low for Hank to get through, but some smaller dogs could so watch out for that if your dog has a tendency to run off! You can also walk down Little Daux Farm lane which is opposite the new Hammonds Mill estate off the A272.

There's several fields to walk between and if you just want the green and serenity of the countryside and stick to these it's a relatively short walk which takes me about half an hour, but if I think he needs a bit more exercise there's lot's of ways to increase the walk either through the housing estates for a little variety or past the church and into the village. Especially as a puppy it's been good to have the variety, some open fields to bolt it around, and then some lead training through the village trying to train him to stop launching at other walkers, dogs and cars!

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