Bignor Hill

S Downs Way, Pulborough RH20 1PH

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Large car park at the top of the hill after a long and windy, steep and narrow bumpy road. The actual address is RH20 1PR, but if you sat nav this it can lead you a very long way round, best bet use RH20 1PH to get to the start of the tarmac road and then follow it up the hill.


Part of the South Downs the main trails are chalk laid paths which are well maintained, and depending on you choice of route there are several woodland passes and fields too. My route was not too hilly but venture further and lots of slopes.


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Local Features

Close by to the historic Bignor Roman Villa. The car park is also a popular sport for star-gazing at night time.

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About My Walk

This National Trust spot is part of the Slindon estate, with a good sized car park reached by navigating a winding bumpy country road. Not a location for your lamorghini! If you can get your dog in that anyway?

As you'd expect with a South Down's location the views are stunning, we only did a fairly short walk under 3km but was more than enough for Hank on a warm day, and with the area having 25 miles of public pathways you can explore and create numerous trips to vary your walk. The car park was fairly full when we were there, but being such a large area the walk was by no means busy only passing a few fellow walkers so Hank was off the lead for most the time. Be aware though it is a well used area with horses, tractors, cyclists all using the paths too.

**Location and Parking details updated 24/7/20 - Thanks to Martin for post code advice

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