Bersted Brooks

Bognor Regis, PO22 9RP

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Small private car park open daily 8:30am - 9:00pm, 2m height barrier.


Very flat walk. Mainly grass/mud paths with some gravel sections. No stiles.


There is water here, but I haven't put it as a feature as it's not accessible for dogs. You walk beside one section of river which runs adjacent to the road, but most of it you can't see the water for all the reeds and tall grasses. There are a couple of openings but lots of algae and high banks so not ideal for swimming. There is a stream, but at time of writing was completely dry so not sure how suitable this is in wetter seasons.

Poo Bins

Couple of bins in the car park

Local Features

Easy to get to off main roads, and right by Bognor Regis retail parks with all the usual shops and fast food places.

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About My Walk

Great local spot that's easy to get to and very flat for an easy walk, or a good stop-off to let your dog exert some energy if you're passing through the area. It is busy, but mainly with fellow dog walkers so it's a good social walk and another one that's great for puppies getting used to seeing lots of people and other dogs.

It's a nature reserve so lots of open areas with tall grass, it is close to the main road and you can hear the noise from that but for most of the walk you're well enough away from it not to be a safety concern - Hank was on the lead for the majority but only because he still tends to chase other dogs, if your dog is calmer than him then there's plenty of open space for off-lead time.

It's not huge and the paths are clearly defined so easy to get around - I walked the exterior perimeter which was 2.6km but plenty of other routes available if you want a shorter walk. It's worth taking a picture of the pre-set route map (or see gallery for my pic) so you can keep track of where you are.

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