Benbow Pond

Midhurst GU28 9BX

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Small car park right next to the pond


Quite hilly, mainly over grassy pathways and field paths.


Large pond with lots of wildfowl

Poo Bins

Bin located at the entrance to Cowdray Park Arboretum, next to the car park

Local Features

Check out the Queen Elizabeth Oak within this walk which is over 1000 years old! Nearby Cowdray ruins are a popular historical visit too.

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About My Walk

The pond itself is the starting point for this walk, and with lots of wildlife and pretty trees it's a idyllic spot. To the left of the car park is the Cowdray Park Arboretum which has a network of paths through wild grassy patches with lots of different species of trees and this in itself is a pleasant and easy walk to explore.

I took the hillier route today though, heading up the hill and following the path round to the left. After a few hundred yards if you keep the field on your right you get to a small kissing gate leading you into the field which contains the Midhurst way walk. Once through the gate if you head straight into the field and past the first line of trees you'll get to the impressive ancient Queen Elizabeth Oak which is fenced off for its protection but a great sight nonetheless. Carry on past this and you'll see the path running through the field. I headed up the hill just to get a better spot to see the full views of the area, but you can continue further in this direction if you want a longer walk.

I went back down the hill following the path through the newly planted tree line, you get to a gate which leads you back down to the pond and where you started. In theory! The gate was padlocked shut though today so I had to trundle back up the field to the kissing gate and then I came back through the Arboretum.

Whilst there are lots of open areas, the fields are used for grazing so mix of lead, and off-lead parts to the walk.

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