Beech Road Park

Beech Rd, Horsham RH12 4TX

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Free car park for a dozen or so cars. Entrance to the car park off Beech Road is easy to miss, it's not signposted but looks like a slightly wider driveway between the houses.


*Very flay walk, and no stiles. Paths are mix of grassy field paths and muddy woodland paths so can be boggy and uneven. (*see About my walk section for update)


No water here.

Poo Bins

Poo bin at the car park.

Local Features

Is a small adventure playground in the woods at the start of the walk.

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About My Walk

*Update 4/2/21: Thanks to Lisa for emailing me - apparently a land owner has erected a triple strand barbed wire fencing along a section of the woodlands on this walk so will be dangerous for off-lead dogs, so please be aware of this.

'The woods is now blocked off with barbed wire which includes the public footpath running through the woods. That public footpath is also a section of the Horsham Riverside Walk and when the fencing is completed there will be barbed wire fences on either side of the footpath. There is now no access at all to the woodland areas and trails (Highwood woods).'

Original Review:

If you follow the path through the playing field or past the adventure playground you come to an opening at the far side of the fields. We took the path directly through the field heading off diagonally to your left (is signposted). Through the field you come to a woodland, and through that again opens out to another large open field. You can continue further through the fields for a longer walk but we turned right, and then very shortly after right again through the woods again which takes you back to the start.

On this return leg through the woods do be careful - the path is a bit zig-zaggy and there are a couple of left turns which take you very close to the road so avoid this if you can. Other than those bits Hank was off the lead for most of the way with great open spaces to run. It's not busy, but not isolated either so nice and peaceful but also good to see other people and dogs too.

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