Bedelands Nature Reserve

Maple Dr, Burgess Hill RH15 8DL

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Plenty of parking at the Football club car park and even residential roads around the area. Car park has height barrier of 2m


Pretty flat throughout, are a few steep slopes in the woodland trails around the lagoon. Muddy paths, narrow in some points and even in August were quite boggy and slippery in places. There are steps, and a very low stile at the entrance which Hank had no trouble with.


Plenty of water here, streams, mill pond, and a very pretty lagoon area with waterfall.

Poo Bins

Poo bin to the left of the car park, and also half way through the playing fields that you walk through at the start.

Local Features

Is a SNCI (Site of Nature Conservation Importance) so great for wildlife spotters.

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About My Walk

This area has great access from the surrounding residential areas of Burgess Hill, so as you'd expect it is popular and busy with other walkers - no cyclists allowed though and it's nice to let Hank meet other dogs to improve his social skills as well as just getting exercise from his walks.

Once parked if you head straight through the football pitches there's two totem poles indicating the entrance to the walk. There is a map here, which I'd recommend taking a picture of to help you keep your bearings if you're visiting for the first time. There are lots of paths so easy to get lost or head in the wrong direction without realising.

It's a lovely walk with lots of varied environments; there's woodland trails, large open meadows and plenty of water routes as well. If you head right at the start, then at one point you do go fairly close to the train tracks. Where the mill pond drains to the lagoon there is a sluice going down to the waterfall, it is fenced off but again just an area to be aware of.

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