Balcombe Lake

Haywards Heath Rd, Balcombe, Haywards Heath RH17 6PA

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Is all just road parking in the village. Are a few spaces in front of the Half Moon Inn, but I parked on Bramble Hill just the other side of the junction. Canbe quite busy, but is only a small village so even if you're a few roads away it's not that far to the start of the walk.


Bit hilly here but nothing too steep. Paths were very boggy when I went, and are a few narrow overgrown sections. There's a few narrow kissing gates, and one stile which Hank just got through so maybe not suitable for dogs much bigger than him.


Very pretty lake, you only actually walk alongside it for a small section but some shallow entrances for swimmers - no fishing when I went there but do watch out for anglers. A few other stream sections but need to go off -track to get to any water as bridges lead you over them.

Poo Bins

Poo bin just past the village stores, and also in the cricket field at the end.

Local Features

Very pretty and friendly village with Half Moon Inn and Village stores right at the start of the route.

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About My Walk

As you take the road past the pub and the store it bends round to the right, and shortly after there's a sign going left into the first field juts before the poo bin. Follow the path along the left hand side of the field and it leads into a woodlands where shortly after there's a right turn. Keep on this track as it takes you through the winding woodlands and over the streams and you eventually get to the lake.

Shortly past the lake you'll get to a kissing gate that leads you onto the single track road which is Mill Lane - from here you can go left to enjoy the views over the lake and there's a couple of benches to take five too. To continue the route though go right at the road and follow it a couple of hundred yards or so until there's a stile through the fields on your right. this leads straight over the field, over a small bridge and into another field where you go left up the hill through the muddy cow gate. Where the signposts are at the top go left again, and this path leads you through some trees and onto the cricket pitch, and go right when you get to the road and you're almost back where you started.

Any road walking is on very minor roads and we didn't see any cars. There are cows in the fields so do watch out for them, although luckily we didn't come across any today.

It was a lovely quick walk, and we only passed a couple of other walkers who were very friendly and stopped for a chat. There are larger loops you can make too if you want a longer route but today our route was perfect for the time we had.

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