Angmering Park Estate

Patching, Worthing BN13 3FA

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Come off Long Furlong on Coldharbour Lane heading into Patching, at the end of the road go right on The Street and at the end is a small free car park, and several lay-bys further back if this is full.


Fairly hilly, paths can be narrow and uneven. Mix of field paths and muddy woodland trails


No water here.

Poo Bins

General waste bin in the car park.

Local Features

Other routes include with views over the scenic Long Furlong.

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About My Walk

The parking spot here is a great start for lots of different routes with footpaths heading off in several directions.

I took the path heading up the hill in the far left of the car park which took me up a narrow path, and when we hit a cross roads (again a further choice of routes!) we took a left along the top of the field overlooking Patching Church with views to the sea. Past this field you enter the forest which is vast in itself with lots of choices for pathways. It's my first visit here so just rambled on trying to create a loop back which wasn't too tricky to do and the huge trees and large open spaces made for a great walk and Hank was off the lead for pretty much all of it. At various points we came to the edge of the forest where there are huge open fields too so seemingly endless choices.

With all the routes available you could visit many times without taking the same route, and for newcomers a GPS app is wise as always as no discernible maps of all the routes that I've been able to find.

It wasn't particularly busy when I visited, and the paths are used by horses and cyclists too but we only came across one of each.

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