America Wood

London Rd, Ashington, Pulborough RH20 3JR

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Several lay-bys and off road parking spots available on London Road. The path to start the walk is next to Ashington Children's nursery.


Quite a flat walk, no real hills or climbs. One stile but Hank had no problem with it. We visited in January and paths were incredibly boggy, especially for the first third or so of the walk.


No water here (water in pictures is just a big puddle!)

Poo Bins

One poo bin just past the footbridge.

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About My Walk

Take the path past the nursery on London Road, and follow the path to take you on to the footbridge over the A24. If you head left over the bridge and then almost immediately go right. The loop is pretty straight forward and basically until the end you just need to take a right turn when you can where signposts are.

The first part is along quite narrow paths alongside fields, and there's some lovely views over to the downs. After a couple of fields you come to a small woodland section, which takes you almost back on yourself for a little while before going through some great open fields. There were no grazing animals whilst we were here so a great space, but there are trough's so I'm sure at some point there will be animals here so just watch out.

Through the fields and through the metal gate at the bottom a narrow road leads to a farm, and turn right up the hill past this with the A24 on your left. A short while later before the hill gets steeper there's a small footpath veering off to the left, if you take this it leads you back to the footbridge at the start.

Most of the walk is pretty secure so lots of off-lead opportunities, although the first bit and last bit are close to the busy road.. Some of the fences between the paths and fields though are quite open so dogs could easily run under if they want to chase something. We had a couple of horse riders cross our path at a few points so for us Hank was on the lead most of the way, but on another day I'm sure would have had a bit more running freedom!

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