Ambersham and Heyshott Commons

New Road, South Ambersham, Midhurst*

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Small car park just off the road with space for a handful of cars - very bumpy and boggy.


Quite hilly, especially if you try to find the stream. Many sandy and muddy paths with lots of puddles and very uneven sections. No stiles!


A great stream section here

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Check out also Amersham Common on the set which is the same area but a completely different route

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About My Walk

I;m afraid this is another one when I'm not going to be able to describe a route to follow as got pretty much lost myself! It's a large area with lots of routes and area to explore, so check the map at the beginning, and take your GPS so you can explore and are able to find your way back ok!

There's two paths from the car park and I took the right hand one - I followed this for a bit and then went right on a smaller path after a while. This area was great forest, but eventually came to a road and headed back left where the path ran out for a bit but we did find some great stream sections here. We followed alongside the stream through the woods for a bit and eventually came back to the more established sandy paths through the heath before finding our way back to the car.

It's a lovely area, and great to explore. There were a handful of other walkers but mostly very quiet. Hank was on and off the lead as we also saw deer on several different occasions, luckily I saw them first! We didn't see any horses but were hoof prints every now and again so keep an eye out for those.

*Google map coordinates 50.96937903950605, -0.7002578755268932

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