Amberley River Walk

Houghton Bridge, Arundel BN18 9LR

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Large free car park at Amberley station. To start the walk head back out the car park, cross over the road and go left - go under the bridge and the public footpath sign takes you right just past it.


Very easy walk and flat throughout. Grassy, muddy paths can be very boggy. Couple of kissing gates but no stiles.


The water was very high when we went, but beware that the edges are very marshy with reeds and overgrowth so not particularly ideal for dogs. The river itself not suitable for dogs with strong current.

Poo Bins

No bins that I found.

Local Features

Right by Amberley museum, and is tea rooms next to the river too at the start of the route.

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About My Walk

It was a particularly awful and wet December day when we visited here but it's a really lovely walk alongside the river. It's not a looped route so a simple head out, and come back when you've gone as far as you want. When we came back we did cross the bridge half way up to walk back along the other side of the river, but be warned if you do this there is no pavement along the road bridge so to get back to the car you'd have to walk on the busy road - we turned back and went back over the footbridge and the way we came as didn't fancy doing that with Hank.

There were no livestock when we visited, but the fields adjacent to the river look like they may be used for animals so do look out for that as they're not all fenced off.

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