Albourne Vineyards

Albourne, Hassocks BN6 9BY

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Several spaces outside St Bartholemew's Church at the end of Church Lane. If full are couple of lay-bys further up the road but a little walk to the start


Couple of kissing gates, no stiles. Mostly grassy earthy paths and not too hilly. One private road section.


No water here

Poo Bins

No bins here

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About My Walk

We started the route taking the path immediately besides the church which opens out to a footpath past the graveyard and go right here. Keep on going and when you come to a cross junction head right - this section was pretty overgrown and shorts were a bad idea with all the nettles!

This then comes out on to the track so head right up the hill, and as you come to the farm buildings the path is signposted to your right again through the fields. This will then take you through the vineyards, and past them at the top of the hill there's another right turn through the fields and this path leads back to the start.

Was actually surprisingly busy so must be a popular route with locals as saw quite a few others along our way. No livestock though, and plenty of open space for off lead walking.

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