Waterlow Rd, Vigo, Vigo Village, Gravesend DA13 0SG

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November 9, 2021


A pay and display car park operates throughout the year, seven days a week. Charges are Monday-Friday £1.70, weekends and Bank Holidays £2.70.


There are three waymarked trails — the blue route trail leading over the downland is very steep in parts, while the red route is much gentler. The yellow route, meanwhile, is an easy access trail suitable for buggies and wheelchairs. All provide spectacular views over the downs. There’s also an outdoor trim trail should the steep paths not prove tough enough!


No water here

Poo Bins

Yes, a few located along the main paths.

Local Info

Trosley Park covers 170 acres of beautiful woodland and chalk downland on the North Downs — and provides some spectacular views. Once part of the Trosley Towers Estate, Trosley Country Park is now home to a rich variety of wildlife, and a mixture of woodland and open chalk grassland slopes. The chalk grassland at Trosley is classified as a Site of Special Scientific Interest, while the grassland supports an array of butterflies every summer, including the Chalkland Blue. The land that now forms the park was part of an officers' training camp throughout the WWII. You can still see a climbing wall, concrete lookout platform and pumping house from the war. At the Bluebell Café, meanwhile, you can try the local, seasonal produce. The menu includes home-made snacks, light meals and cakes, and even home-made dog biscuits for canine companions! The café also serves ice creams, soft drinks and fair trade tea and coffee.

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November 9, 2021
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Author Review

The park has various circular trails around the site, that initially I found a bit confusing to navigate/ But after walking for a few minutes, directions could be easily found along the paths indicating the direction of the 3 main trails. The 'Red Route' is 2.5 miles (ca. 4 km) of fairly flat terrain that uses North Downs Way. The 'Yellow Route' is a 1.5-mile (2.4 km) trail that uses some Red Route but is an easier, shorter trail. The 'Blue Route' is 2 miles (3.22 km) long, and involves more challenging terrain, with steep hills and climbs. It also passes Little Pell (wood) Great Pell Field (meadow). It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. The park was relatively empty when we arrived at 9:00, and easily accessed from the car park. The trails are wide and easy to navigate, but you will need the right footgear, as some parts were very muddy. The spectacular views of the North Downs make the visit to the park worthwhile, specially on a sunny day. Maple loved running and playing on the hills. But be aware, you might find a few goats along the way, so if your dog is a bit too curious, you might need to keep him on the lead. Overall, a great destination, for families, dog walks and of course, appreciate beautiful views.

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