Shoreham, BN43 5FG

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Date Added:

September 5, 2021


On street parking, not usually a problem. Alternative parking on the other side of the river if needed (near the Amsterdam pub)


Flat riverside walk.


Tidal river so depth varies depending on time of day. Can have quite a current at certain points/time of day. Swans, paddleboarders, kayaks and the local celebrity seal also feature.

Poo Bins

At the Coombes car park en route is a poo bin. Can also walk from this car park for shorter walk.

Local Info

This walk heads up the west side of the river, lots of nice views of the Downs, the river itself and Lancing College.

Walk Distance:


Date Walk Added:

September 5, 2021
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Author Review

This is a go to walk for us, usually early morning. Usually pretty quiet and almost entirely off lead. Added bonus of the end of the walk is the Relay coffee horse box for a cracking coffee (and sometimes a cake…) If your dog loves the water this is a great one. Plenty of dunking opportunities esp in warmer weather. Further up the river there can be grazing sheep or cows but this route should be safe. This walk can be elongated to cross the river further up and create a larger loop, I will map that shortly as an alternative.

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