Fishtoft, Boston PE22 0RB

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Date Added:

January 9, 2024


There is a free car park at the start of the walk, not far from the monument.


Is a walk along the river Haven that leads out to the sea. The paths are clear but can be muddy. There are a few gentle hills and accessible metal agricultural gates with separate gates for pedestrians to go through.


The river is not fenced off in all places and along the shore there are inlets and pools where there are geese etc. Great for a splash but I try to keep the dogs from drinking here because we are pretty close to the sea.

Poo Bins

There is one poo bin in the car park at the start.

Local Info

You can see river otters and fishing boats here at dusk and dawn. There is a memorial to the pilgrim fathers who attempted to leave for America from this area 300 years ago. The captain of the boat famously reported them, but they kept trying. If you go keep the river on your left instead, theoretically you could walk down into Boston.

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Date Walk Added:

January 9, 2024
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Author Review

The road down to the carpark is very bumpy but the carpark is free. The walk is nice and leads past an old pub that is now a residential dwelling the dogs love it here as there is lots of space to run around and play games and we can easily keep an eye on what they are doing. They love splashing in the shallow pools of water and they always get really muddy.

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