British Camp Car Park, A449, Great Malvern, Malvern WR13 6DW

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March 28, 2024


We parked at Base Camp Car Park which is where this walk starts and it costs £5.25 for the whole day. Opposite the car park there is a hotel and restaurant and a tea room with outside seating and some public toilets which is handy after a drive to get there.


Does exactly what it says on the tin, a really hilly walk but as soon as you reach the ridge line is relatively easy going with clearly laid out pathways, no stiles on this route.


No water here

Poo Bins

There are no bins we saw on the ridge line but we did find some down in the village of Upper Colwall which is on this route.

Local Info

In the village of Upper Collwall they have conveniently placed a sign on the footpath detailing The Wyche Inn 150m left or Cafe H20 150m straight on, I bet you can't guess which one we went to?.... of course it was the Wyche Inn, very dog friendly, food looked good and a good selection of local beers on tap, great stop off.

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Date Walk Added:

March 28, 2024
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Author Review

On the day we went as you can see from the photo's it chucked it down with snow, which although that meant we didnt get the views, did mean that it was extra special as Riley absolutely loves the snow and so do we. And it's a good place to bag another Trig Point if you like ticking some off the list ;)

It's always quite a busy place so we recommend geting there eaither early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the main mass of people have disbursed. It does say to at various places to keep dogs on leads, but everytime we have been here there have always been plenty of dogs off lead, I guess it just depends on how good your dog is/personal choice. I do know that fellow Author 'Mother of Sausages' has recently gone and completed a walk here as well so please see her account for pictures where you can actually see the landscape, but enjoy the snowy ones from us lol!

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