Castle Green Off Castle Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1NE

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March 26, 2024


We parked at the Queen and Castel Euro Car Park £6.50 for 24 hours, Kenilworth Castle also has a car park but it was full on the day we went.


Lots of gates on this relatively flat walk and a couple of stiles. It crosses over some of the Millenium Way through beautiful Warwickshire countryside. The pathways are very clearly marked with posts and signs all along the route.


Natural marsh land with plenty of places to sploosh around, there is obviously plenty of water here at all times of the year as there are permanent wooden pathways and bridges across them.

Poo Bins

But only in the town of Kenilworth, the rest of the walk is mainly fields, and woodland.

Local Info

On this route there is a lovely stop off at the Tipperary Inn, they don't allow muddy boots or dogs in the bar but they have a lovely beer garden that dogs are allowed in. There is also plenty of pubs and tearooms back in Kenilworth , even driving through the town we spotted a couple of tap rooms we would like to try, so keep an eye out for more walks over this way in the future ;)

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March 26, 2024
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Author Review

It was another boggy walk I'm afraid, we've had such a wet winter, we can't wait for the fields and trails to dry out a bit to save ourselves a fortune on shampoo for Riley. There was lots of opportunities for running around in the open fields. About half way around there is a 'treat stop' for dogs, you go through a gate and the sign on the gate says that spaniels Jess and Pip live here please close the gate and help yourselves to a treat out of the container cable tied to the gate. We didn't see Jess and Pip on this occassion unfortunately but Riley was grateful for a treat. When you reach the end of the walk you get lovely views across open fields and marsh land up to Kenilworth Castle, makes a great photo opportunity. You can find out more about the castle here; www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/kenilworth-castle

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