Hall Place & Gardens

Bourne Rd, Dartford, Bexley DA5 1PQ

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The parking facility provides a decent amount of parking spaces and free of charge.


Nice flat walk and mostly grass areas.


Yes. River Cray cut through the site. The water is clear, with easy and shallow entrances to the water.

Poo Bins

Yes, most of them located near the carpark, or near the visitor facilities.

Local Features

Today Hall Place is restored to its original Tudor and later 17th-century designs. The site has been developed and improved and enabled the construction of the Riverside Cafe alongside the River Cray, a new visitor centre and an education suite. A 17th-century stable block was also converted into an art gallery, which displays works by local artists. The house itself is used as an exhibition space. There is also a community Sports Centre, a Garden Centre and a Steakhouse adjacent to the Hall Place. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed within Hall Place historic house and gardens except for Assistance Dogs. Dogs generally are welcome on the sports fields adjacent to Hall Place.

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About My Walk

Again, the place was an unexpected good surprise. It was a cloudy day, and we were expecting some rain, so we decided to go to a place that it was not too far but also new to us. As mentioned above, the Hall Place and Gardens do not allow dogs within their grounds, so we had to explore the area surrounded it. And it was great, vast open fields with a mix of cut grass areas and a bit more bushy areas. The river is not very visible, due to some dense vegetation and trees along its banks, but once you find it, there are several access points for your dog to jump into the water. The river is not deep, and most of the time, Maple could just walk, with a few spots where she had to swim. The river divides the park in two main areas, and most of them are surrounded by a fence, what it's great if you want to leave your dog run free. After all, it was a great destination, and definitely will take Maple back there for a swim.

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