Freiston, Boston PE22 0LY

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October 25, 2023


The car park is a small but there are poo bins there and often cows in the nearby field. It is pay and display but I think it was only £1. You can pay by phone, or it is free for RSPB members.


The terrain is a bit rugged, the pathways are obvious but scattered with cow pats, on the route that we took we did have to navigate several farm gates as our dogs are small enough to scuttle under. But I think there are ways of just taking different paths around them.


Freiston is where the marshlands meet the sea, there is a fenced in/clearly sign-posted RSPB sanctuary area where obviously dogs aren't allowed but on the ocean side, when it is not nesting season dogs could be off lead (it's really muddy though!).

Poo Bins

The poo bins are in the carpark sort of opposite where you pay.

Local Info

Recently, 4 black-winged Stilt chicks were born here a first for Lincolnshire!

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October 25, 2023
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Author Review

This is a lovely walk, where you can watch a wide selection of birds, enjoy the sea breeze. For the most part the pathways are up on hills or ridges with no trees, meaning that long-line use is really easy. The only downside is the cow pats but I don't mind them so much and our dogs will leave them alone.

Look out for cows on the trails because although we didn't come across any, there was evidence that you could come across them from time to time!

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