Red Lion Inn, Market Place, Deddington, OX15 0SE

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March 24, 2024


Parking is right outside The Red Lion Inn in the village market place. No fees are chargeable.


Reasonably flat, some gates but no stiles. The pathways are well marked and a lot of them are along tracks and lanes.


No water here

Poo Bins

In both villages of Deddington and Hempton.

Local Info

The Red Lion Inn is the only pub on this route, its famous for its fish and chips. There is a great selection of beers on tap at the bar. On this route we also came across a cute Shepherds Hut to let from Lovell and Son if you live further away and want to do this walk.

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March 24, 2024
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Author Review

This 8.5KM walk can be combined with the Deddington and Clifton Circular route on our page if you want a longer walk.

It starts at the beautiful village of Deddington and loops around via Hempton back to the beginning across open fields and quiet country lanes.

The walk finishes with a short stroll through the Woodland Trust Daeda's Wood, which although small has some lovely benches etc to stop for a flask of tea or a picnic. And then you can enjoy pint at the Red Lion Inn on your return, its got a cute courtyard garden at the back and a small gazebo with fairy lights and patio heaters for the cooler weather. https://redliondeddington.co.uk/

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