Chanctonbury Ring Hill Climb Circular

Chanctonbury Ring Rd, Steyning BN44 3DR

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Free car park provided by the Winston Estate. Locked after sun down.


All on paths, through woodland and open land. One steep hill but worth it for the view.


One large trough on the way round

Poo Bins

No bins here

Local Features

Views from the Ring are incredible, spanning over the South Downs and over the coast. True 360! Also worth looking up about the ley lines that run straight through the Ring.

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About My Walk

This is my ‘go to’ walk, there are many around Chanctonbury but this circular takes between 55 mins and an hour and ten depending on chatting and hill climbing. Starts off along a cool wooded area, a fairly steep ascent up to the Ring then open fields round to the pathway that descends. This is all off lead exploration. There are adjacent fields with sheep and best to check top field by the Ring itself but normally good to go. Follows part of the South Downs Way. We have seen deer a few times so depending on your hound and the time of day worth keeping in mind.

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