Belhus Woods Country Park

Aveley, South Ockendon RM15 4XJ

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There is a good size parking area, and it's chargeable. The charges vary from 2 pounds for 1 hour parking to 5.50 for the whole day.


Mostly flat and in good conditions. The main gravel paths were free of any obstacle, and the woodland trails were also clear and easy to navigate.


There are several lakes with easy access to dogs. Dogs are allowed to swim at certain areas of the lakes.

Poo Bins

Yes, poo bins located throughout the park.

Local Features

With over 300 acres in South Essex, Belhus Woods combines ancient woodland, working woods, flower meadows, open grassland, and fishing and conservation lakes. It’s a great place to walk your dog, picnic by the lake, feed the ducks, go fishing or spot wildlife.

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About My Walk

It was a very hot day, probably 29C, and we needed a destination with water and shaded areas. Belhus Woods was a great choice. Beautiful lakes, quiet and lots of woodland trails. Once parked, there are a few pedestrian access routes to the park. Also, by the car park you will find the visitors facilities. About 10min walk, you then arrive at the lakes area and probably where, if your dog loves water, will choose to swim. With shallow entrances to the water and sandbanks, it was Maple's favourite spot. There are several routes that will take along the lakes, but most of them will not offer an easy way in into the water. There are a few open fields areas you will discover along the way with beautiful woodland trails. It's a huge park, that will require quite a few visits, in order to appreciate it all.

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