Beacon Wood Country Park

8 Southfleet Rd, Bean, Dartford DA2 8AR

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A good size car park just off of Southfleet road. There was a sign suggesting a 1 pound charge, but there was no machine and just a whole on the wall of a cabin, that looked abandoned. As I don't think there was anyone there to enforce it.


Mostly flat gravel paths and in good conditions. And hilly and bumpy terrain, once you decide to adventure into the woodland trails.


Yes, there was a large pond and some other streams. But they were not necessarily dog friendly. Some areas looked more like a swamp and the pond did not provide shallow entrances to the water. Instead, there are plenty of viewpoints offering sights of the park’s pond with its fresh water

Poo Bins

Only a few near the carpark area.

Local Features

Beacon Wood Country Park is a public woodland in Bean near Dartford, in Kent, England. It was previously an industrial claypit then re-claimed as woodland park open to the public. This ancient hilly woodland supplied timber for over one hundred years and was even the site of a beacon to warn of the approaching Spanish Armada during Elizabethan times. This site was transformed into a gunpowder and cement works, resulting in the pitted landscape that you will see today. A walk through the woodland will reveal the old clay pits which have almost completely reverted back to a natural state.

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About My Walk

I was looking for a quiet walk as Maple is in heat, so I didn't want to attract the attention of male dogs. So we went to the right place, the walk was great and quiet. We barely bumped into other dogs or families, only when we were nearby the picnic and playground areas. The park suggests two trails, the red and blue one. We decided to follow the red trail, and it was easy to follow the signs and navigate throughout the park. It took us just over a hour to complete the route. But it was enough to experience the beautiful views of the pond and the historic site .

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