Drayton Arch, Banbury. OX15 6EG

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Date Added:

October 16, 2023


No car park but you can park on the Banbury Rise Housing Estate just 2 minutes off the route.


A couple of small hills but nothing too strenuous. Clearly laid out pathways most of the year around apart from when the fields have been freshly ploughed. Only one stile on the whole route.


A couple of occasions the dogs can have a paddle, the first in the stepping Stones just down the hill from Drayton, dependant on the time of year the water can be quite low, but even in the summer months there is water to cool the dog off. The Second is by Wroxton College, a large pond, quite deep but clean and usually very quiet.

Poo Bins

There are poo bins in the villages of Wroxton, Drayton and the Banbury Rise Estate at the beginning of the walk.

Local Info

A couple of stand out view points, one is the view from Drayton Arch, particularly spectacular at sunrise and sunset, the other is from the Obelisk at the top of the hill before you head down into the village of Wroxton. Unfortunately all the pubs in Wroxton are now closed, but there is a Hotel in the Village called the Wroxton House Hotel that is open to the public and right on the Footpath. In the village of Drayton on the route there is a pub called The Roebuck, super dog friendly and fantastic food, and if you see us and Riley in there please come and say hi as its our regularly frequented local pub.

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Date Walk Added:

October 16, 2023
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Author Review

Good route all year around, gets a little muddy in the wet weather. There are a couple of fields with livestock in at various times of the year but they are clearly marked on the gates as you enter. Lots of off lead opportunities, it’s a lovely small route that ticks all the boxes. You can extend the walk further and go along to the village of North Newington as well, I’ll make sure I do that part of the route and add it onto our reviews so you can see the map for those who want a longer walk in the Oxfordshire countryside.

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