Peak District, Bridge Street, DE45 1DS

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November 1, 2023


Parking is right at the start of the route right next to the famous love lock bridge, £6 for a full day parking.


There's a steep hill on the way out of Bakewell but not too bad after that. There are a couple of stiles on the route and some of the classic wall type styles which can be very slippy when wet.


There are a few shallow places for dogs to have a paddle but there are plenty of ducks, geese, swans etc around so be aware.

Poo Bins

Limited bins on the actual walking route but plenty in Bakewell at the start and end of the walk.

Local Info

Don't miss the opportunity to put a love lock on the bridge, incredibly cute. There's plenty of cafes and pubs to go to in the town but as you would expect at peak times they all get very busy. We went to the Wheatsheaf close to the visitor centre and highly recommend it, they also have some of the Canine Menu natural chews available to buy on the bar for your dog and serve dog friendly ice cream.

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November 1, 2023
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Author Review

The route takes in part of the Monsal Trail, the trail does get very busy with the bicycles as well as people so isn't always a perfect environment for lots of off lead opportunities but this small circular is a lovely way to explore around Bakewell and in the town afterwards. And don't forget to go to a bakery in the town centre (there are a few) and grab a Bakewell Tart and a Barkewell Pudding and let us know which you prefer ;)

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